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Dear Yoga Student,

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga, it is my desire to recreate the environment that originally drew me to yoga. The beginning of my yoga journey was unintentional as I stumbled across a class while in college. I was immediately drawn to the focus of personal strength and care.


The emphasis of each individual’s ability to do something more, new, and better continued to bring me back to my mat. As yoga healed me, inside and out, it became my desire and purpose to share this with others.


The Yoga Studio became my home studio by providing a place for me to practice, continue to learn and engage with others who share this practice. I am dedicated to continued improvement and growth, both personally and in The Yoga Studio.

It is my desire to create a home studio for all who join me. The Yoga Studio is a place of love, safety, and support where we can all share this important practice together.

Love, Rebecca

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